3 Sectors of Malaysia Manufacturing Industry Statistics

Manufacturing industry has played an extremely vital role in Malaysia’s economic transformation. Learn more about Malaysia manufacturing industry statistics to know how crucial this sector is and whether this is the right sector for your company that is going to expand to Malaysia.

Based on the data provided by the Department of Statistics in Malaysia, there are 1,028,301 people who are engaged in the sector of the local manufacturing industry. Every single employee has an average salary of RM 3,122 per month.

Malaysia’s Manufacturing Sectors with High Value

One of the manufacturing sectors in Malaysia that has higher value than the others is the medical and pharmaceutical sector. The industry of medical devices includes industries in a wide range from latex and rubber, plastics, textiles, engineering support, electronics, and machinery.

There are over 200 manufacturers of medical devices you can find in Malaysia. Most of those manufacturers are SMEs or small and medium enterprises. Medical gloves manufacturers are now the most famous manufacturing industry in Malaysia.

This industry sector also includes products that have higher value and advanced technology such as stents, cardiac pacemakers, electro medical, implantable devices, monitoring devices, and therapeutic devices.

Malaysia Manufacturing Industry Statistics in Electronic and Electric

Malaysia is known as a major producer of electronics as well as exporter. The electronics and electrical industry in Malaysia is one of the leading sectors in the manufacturing sectors. This sector significantly contributes to the manufacturing output of the country, about 26.94%.

The major destinations for exports are China, the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore. The major destinations for imports are South Korea, the United States, and Taiwan. This electronics and electrical industry has a new area called FHE.

FHE is flexible hybrid electronics that underlies some new wearable electronics and industrial technologies. FHE is extremely helpful to produce smart products that are efficient, stretchable, flexible, low cost, and lightweight.

Automotive Manufacturing Industry Sector in Malaysia

There is a part of Malaysia’s manufacturing sector that is strategic and important. The automotive industry as well as the related sectors have 710,000 employees. This sector contributes up to RM 30 billion to Malaysia’s GDP.

Malaysia has 27 assembly and manufacturing plants that are producing commercial and passenger vehicles, sports cars that have composite body, also scooters and motorcycles. Malaysia also has over 600 manufacturers that produce automotive components.

The industry has made so many global automotive companies to set up the operations in Malaysia in order to take advantage of the consumer demand that is buoyant.

Other Manufacturing Industries in Malaysia

Malaysia also has some other manufacturing industry sectors such as the aerospace sector and chemical sector. Both of them are still growing and are expected to continue growing for the upcoming years. The growth of those sectors interest the investors to expand to this country.

Conducting research about Malaysia manufacturing industry statistics is a crucial step to take before deciding whether you are going to expand to Malaysia or not. Make sure you understand the right manufacturing industry sector before entering the market. Let the right teams help you with this.







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