E-Commerce & Payment Market Analysis in North Africa

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Providing assessment for e-commerce and payment market landscape in North Africa.


Our client, a global MNC, decided to invest in North Africa’s e-commerce. The client needed to validate the market, better understand the broader retail industry, and gain insight into domestic regulatory issues. Additionally, the client wanted to invest in an IPS business in the region to support the e-commerce industry and needed a thorough knowledge about the use of bank transfer, cash and plastic cards for online & offline purchase.


YCP Solidiance conducted a market assessment to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the e-commerce and payment market landscape to help the client gain a better understanding of the domestic market, and helped the client grasp the potential of e-commerce and payment market industries in North Africa.


Our team provided a detailed assessment of the e-commerce and payment market in North Africa. We examined retail and banking industries, as well as investigated the use of ATM, penetration, and usage of plastic cards, and the prevalence of cash payments. We also provided the client with an in-depth analysis in terms of the competitive landscape, including the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps of existing competitors.

Engagement ROI

Our client gained pivotal information about the potential opportunity to penetrate the e-commerce and payment industries in North Africa. The client also acquired the insight to understand how the intermediary payment system would be able to fit in the current payment market landscape in the region.

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I am very pleased with YCP Solidiance ‘s research on a competitor benchmarking project in the Automotive Glass industry. The team has thoroughly grasped the project context and goals, and their performance has definitely exceeded our standards. While there have been some difficulties in gathering accurate details considering this is a highly technical field, the methodological structure and systematic approach have been achieved.

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Senior Sales & Marketing Center Manager, Automotive Glass Division, Asahi Glass Group

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