Market Opportunity Analysis and Development Strategy for Automotive Coating

Automotive case studies in EMEA


Giving market opportunity analysis and development strategy for a multinational chemical company in the UAE market.


Our client was a leading chemical multinational company with a focus on western countries. The client needed clear insight related to market size, competition, and price positioning as well as a detailed analysis of the coating market, including competitive review, market dynamics, and distribution channel. The client was willing to understand the current circumstance of the automotive refinishes coating market in the UAE to develop its marketing strategy.


YCP Solidiance arranged an appropriate and precise growth strategy based on comprehensive market knowledge to accelerate the growth and revenue of our client.


We analyzed the impact of each interested party on the market. This included customer’s buying decision processes, strategies for distribution channels conducted by individual market players, price benchmarking for every type of refinishing coating, service practices, and advertising. We provide our clients with performance insights according to the given analysis, including strengths and weaknesses as well as capabilities to meet the demand of the market.

Engagement ROI

YCP Solidiance presented detailed information on automotive refinish coating in the UAE. This analysis allowed our client to get a clear insight into the current market situation. Our client was able to understand market segmentation, current trends, and practices of existing market players. We also provide requisite information related to price positioning for all segments. In addition, our team advised the client with an appropriate strategy to leverage profit on a variety of product lines. After conducting this study, our client requested us to repeat a similar assignment in another MEA country.

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I am very pleased with YCP Solidiance ‘s research on a competitor benchmarking project in the Automotive Glass industry. The team has thoroughly grasped the project context and goals, and their performance has definitely exceeded our standards. While there have been some difficulties in gathering accurate details considering this is a highly technical field, the methodological structure and systematic approach have been achieved.

Asahi Glass Group
Senior Sales & Marketing Center Manager, Automotive Glass Division, Asahi Glass Group

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