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Giving assessment for products, distribution channels, market demands, and possibilities to quadruplicate revenues for a major F&B company in KSA


Our client was a prominent F&B manufacturer who had entered Saudi Arabia in 2013. It was willing to quadruplicate its revenues in the next 5 years. Despite the company’s significant growth, competition from local marketers in its core sectors that contributed more than 85% of its revenue was increasing. The client expected to quadruplicate its revenues from Saudi Arabia as it was considered a key growth market for the manufacturer by developing its products and reinforcing distribution channels.


YCP Solidiance assessed the current operations focusing on revenue by products and locations to analyze opportunities for enlargement based on the capabilities of each location.


We placed our team in the market to conduct comprehensive interviews to analyze the opportunities for coffee and dairy-based products in every sub-segment according to estimated market size and target market share for the next 5 years. Considering the manufacturer channeled a large number of its products to tier-1 cities where competition with settled local players was immense, we performed an extensive regional assessment to discover a potential channeling model to help the client achieve top-line growth through the most effective distribution model. Our team also conducted a comprehensive scenario analysis using different circumstances to inform the client of the impact of a given situation toward revenue growth.

Engagement ROI

Our client was able to provide a five-year business plan to quadruplicate its revenues by expanding its products and locations based on a comprehensive analysis of the F&B market in the KSA. 

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I am very pleased with YCP Solidiance ‘s research on a competitor benchmarking project in the Automotive Glass industry. The team has thoroughly grasped the project context and goals, and their performance has definitely exceeded our standards. While there have been some difficulties in gathering accurate details considering this is a highly technical field, the methodological structure and systematic approach have been achieved.

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Senior Sales & Marketing Center Manager, Automotive Glass Division, Asahi Glass Group

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