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Europe has an abundance sources of renewable energy and become a leader in driving the development of renewable technologies. The EU has adopted targets to achieve a 32% share of renewable energy in energy consumption by 2030 and around 90% of emissions from the power sector being reduced. The chemicals industry is one of Europe’s largest manufacturing sectors, amounting sales to €565 billion and generating a trade surplus of €45 billion in 2018.

Energy industry in the Middle East is transforming. In 2016, USD 11 billion were invested in renewables across the Arab region with an estimated combined 80 GW of renewable capacity by 2030. Meanwhile, the region’s chemical industry continues its dominance on the global petrochemical production industry and the GCC chemical industry achieved revenue of $84.1bn in 2018.

With abundant supply of raw materials combined with increasing demand from the growing population and rising income levels, Africa is an important region for chemical companies to search for growth and investment. The region also needs a major rise in investments in power generation and grids, which is actually among the lowest in the world. Achieving a secure source of power for everyone will entail a roughly fourfold rise to about $120 billion a year by 2040.

Our chemicals and energy advisory services help Japanese companies to tap the opportunities in the EMEA region across a wide range of segments such as chemical 4.0, petrochemical, agrochemicals, sustainability and circular economy, and the post-oil growth. Our team is dedicated to support Japanese chemicals and energy players to expand their businesses and succeed in the EMEA market.

Our Key Offerings

EMEA Chemicals Market Intelligence

EMEA Market Intelligence

We provide evidence-based marketplace insights for our clients based on our hands-on experience to help them anticipating fast changes in market demands and emergence of new competition.

EMEA Chemicals and Energy Market Entry

EMEA Market Entry

We weigh feasible options to reduce financial uncertainty for clients through the mapping of competitors, customers, suppliers, partners, and other relevant market dynamics.

EMEA Energy Competitive Intelligence

EMEA Competitive Intelligence

We will assess market competition in the EMEA region and learn from best [practices to avoid excessive omissions and reinventions. Clients will be provided unique advantage through the discovery of market’s unaddressed opportunities, blind spots and room for improvements.

EMEA Chemicals and Energy Customer Intelligence

EMEA Customer Intelligence

We conduct comprehensive analysis of buyer’s persona to identify their demographics, behavior and buying trends to give strategic contribution to the development of new products.

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I am very pleased with YCP Solidiance ‘s research on a competitor benchmarking project in the Automotive Glass industry. The team has thoroughly grasped the project context and goals, and their performance has definitely exceeded our standards. While there have been some difficulties in gathering accurate details considering this is a highly technical field, the methodological structure and systematic approach have been achieved.

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