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The European PE landscape has been growing in recent years and 2019 has seen the highest number of private equity deals ever made in the region, with the largest deal came to more than €10 billion. The value of M&A deals on the European market also reached over €880 billion in 2019.

M&A is growing substantially in the MENA region. The total value of announced M&A soared to a record of more than $120 billion in the first nine months of 2019, driven by the energy and power sector.

The African private equity market has expanded dramatically with more than 1,022 African private equity investments, totalling US$ 25 billion, recorded between 2013 and 2018. With the latest myth of ‘Africa Growing’ that pervaded the media after 2000 and after the 2008 economic downturn, private equity firms were gradually looking to developing markets for levels of growth that were unattainable elsewhere.

Our private equity and investment advisory services support Japanese companies to capture investment opportunities in the EMEA market in a wide range of areas, including portfolio and performance management, M&A strategies, fintech and exit support.

Our Key Offerings

EMEA PE and Investment Market Intelligence

EMEA Market Intelligence

Our team will provide practical marketplace insights based on our broad industry experience to support clients in projecting changes in competition landscape and market demands.

EMEA PE and Investment Market Entry

EMEA Market Entry

We measure several options to lessen the financial uncertainty for clients who want to expand their businesses to new markets in the EMEA by providing relevant data such as customers, partners, suppliers, competitors, and many more.

EMEA PE and Investment Competitive Intelligence

EMEA Competitive Intelligence

We provide thorough evaluation of market competition in the EMEA and learn from best practices to avoid costly breaches. We help clients with a better understanding of their competition by tapping on the unaddressed opportunities and blind spots.

EMEA PE and Investment Customer Intelligence

EMEA Customer Intelligence

Our team conducts analysis of buyers’ persona to generate their demographics, behaviors and buying trends and contribute to the creation of new products.

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I am very pleased with YCP Solidiance ‘s research on a competitor benchmarking project in the Automotive Glass industry. The team has thoroughly grasped the project context and goals, and their performance has definitely exceeded our standards. While there have been some difficulties in gathering accurate details considering this is a highly technical field, the methodological structure and systematic approach have been achieved.

Asahi Glass Group
Senior Sales & Marketing Center Manager, Automotive Glass Division, Asahi Glass Group
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