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Our Services

Strategy & Operations

Corporate and Growth Strategy

A thorough market entry and growth strategy, as well as business expansion plan tailored for Japanese busieness looking into EMEA market. Our local team are present across the region and equipped with actionable insights relevant for effective implementation.

Key Questions

What is the optimal mode of entry into the EMEA market? What are the unique opportunities for innovation from the planned expansion to the EMEA? What additional knowledge, skills, or resources will you require to expand business in the EMEA and achieve your strategic objectives? How do you address the roadblocks for your growth in the EMEA?

New Market Entry

We help Japanese businesses understand market conditions and opportunities in the EMEA, advising them on the most viable market entry strategy.

Key Questions

Which strategy is best suited to enter the EMEA market? What is the current market landscape, and how would you position your products/services? How can you streamline your operations in the new market?

Agile Supply Chains

We evaluate the potential impact of supply chain levers on your company’s ability and help you understand risks and create bottom-line value across the extended supply chain in the EMEA.

Key Questions

How could your EMEA supply chain generate more value? What are the biggest risks facing your supply chain in the EMEA? How do you align your EMEA supply chain and business strategies?

Organization Set Up and Transformation

Analyze the best set up for Japanese companies to operate in the EMEA, how they should transform to fit the market and launch a highly effective and agile company.

Key Questions

What are the strategic priorities that will enable your company to achieve our desired impact? How can your company grow sustainably in the EMEA? How do you boost efficiency while remaining flexible? How do you define the work processes and tools to enable your people to be effective?

HR & Recruiting

Increase the potential of your human capital and the performance of their businesses by providing innovative solutions, practical advice, and real results.

Key Questions

How does your overall business plan affected by our human resources strategy? How will the global market forces have an impact on the talent pools available to your company and on the steps to secure future talent? Which are the essential skills that will fuel the development of your company?

M&A Finance

Investment Due Diligence

We help Japanese businesses minimize risk and give them the confidence to build sustainable value in the acquisition.

Key Questions

What is the potential of the target company for investment? How is “work capital” determined for the purposes of the acquisition agreement? What capital expenditures and other investments will be needed to continue the growth of your business?

M&A Strategy

Provide Japanese companies with the best possible M&A strategy and focus on quality in order to achieve smooth execution.

Key Questions

Is there an opportunity for a good return? Does the deal come under the boundaries of the defined shareholder valuation and the amount of the equity investment? How easily will the PE Fund be able to sell it by the end of the investment period?

M&A Negotiations

Support Japanese companies in negotiating acquisition terms and conditions with target companies and fully realizing their corporate value

Key Questions

Which kinds of resources are required to complete a transaction? Who should be on the negotiating team? Which are the usual deliverables during the negotiations? What are the key considerations in this phase? Which strategy will be used for successful negotiations?

Post-merger Integration

Multidisciplinary assistance to support Japanese businesses generate increased values from the M&A deal.

Key Questions

How will the business operations continue after an integration takes place? What are the expectations of the new company operations? What improved processes should implemented?


Provides the end-to-end, “turn-key” solutions and strategies Japanese companies need throughout the IPO process in EMEA

Key Questions

What’s your company’s value proposition? Which transactions to execute in anticipation of your company’s IPO? What is the best strategy to manage multiple stakeholders? How do you address challenging accounting and financial reporting issues during the listing process? How do you cultivate long-term relationships with investors?

Market Research

Market Sizing

Be it entering a new market, organizing an expansion or preparing for product launch, our services allow Japanese businesses to fully understand the market size of their industry in the EMEA.

Key Questions

How big is your potential market in the EMEA? How much of the market share can you conservatively take? What other products and services are similar to yours? How can your company leverage the buying habits of the EMEA customers?

Market Trends

Assess market trends based on collected information from key stakeholders, ranging from micro/macroeconomic as well as related industry factors in the EMEA.

Key Questions

What are the trends in sales over recent years in the EMEA? What type of marketing strategy is usually used in the region? Which keywords and topics relating to your product/service are most discussed online in the EMEA?

Market Opportunities

Identify all feasible market opportunities for Japanese businesses and assess using an attractiveness matrix to score all the options based on established benchmark tailored for the EMEA market.

Key Questions

How large is the current market or potential market in the EMEA? Who are your competitors in this market and what are their offerings? Is there a threat of new entrants or substitute products or services?

Competitor Benchmarking

Benchmarking local business of target companies, including sales trends/partnerships/promotions/sales channels

Key Questions

Who are your competitors in the EMEA and what are their stength and weaknesses? What are the opportunities and threats within a given market or industry?

In-depth Customer Research

Interview potential and existing customers to analyze their needs and service specification, decision-making structures, and current vendors, map out product offerings to uncharted and existing sectors.

Key Questions

Who is your ideal customer? What does your ideal customer want/need? What value or need does your product/service fulfill? What improvements could be made to your product/service to have a wider reach?

Marketing & Promotion

Marketing Strategy

Create successful marketing strategies by determining what markets, categories, and unmet consumersyour business needs to target in the EMEA market.

Key Questions

Who do you want to reach out? What partnerships do you need to create in order to achieve your goals? How o you maximize your marketing ROI and what are the most effective marketing strategies in the local EMEA market?

Pricing Strategy

We help Japanese businesses develop competitive pricing capabilities that allow them set the right price and capitalize on year-on-year sales opportunities.

Key Questions

How much is your product worth in the perspective of your customers? What is the level of affordibility of your target customers in the EMEA? How should you react to competitors’ prices?

Channel Strategy

Our team offers a well-planned channel strategy and value proposition that will enable Japanese companies to build their desired footprint and expand exposure to their target EMEA customers.

Key Questions

Which products should be sold to which customers through which channels? How much customization is required? How do you select new channel partners in the EMEA?


We help Japanese companies understand the advantages of various forms of advertisement in the EMEA, including to develop a digital marketing strategy for high returns leads/sales acquisition plan

Key Questions
What are advertising opportunities in EMEA that align well with the digital marketing strategy of your business?
Customer Journey

Ensure that Japanese companies have the best customer experience at any touchpoint, platform, and interaction with their consumers in the EMEA.

Key Questions

What differentiates your product/service from others? How can your product/service best serve customers’ immediate needs? How could your company improve customer experience?

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I am very pleased with YCP Solidiance ‘s research on a competitor benchmarking project in the Automotive Glass industry. The team has thoroughly grasped the project context and goals, and their performance has definitely exceeded our standards. While there have been some difficulties in gathering accurate details considering this is a highly technical field, the methodological structure and systematic approach have been achieved.

Asahi Glass Group
Senior Sales & Marketing Center Manager, Automotive Glass Division, Asahi Glass Group

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