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2 Rewards from The Exclusive Online Claw Machine in Singapore

Not all claw machines you see in public places in Singapore are exclusive machines. Clawtopia is different since it has contracts with many anime series in Japan. This exclusive online claw machine in Singapore will give you outstanding claw machines with different challenges and prizes.

Since the game is a very exclusive online game, all players can get a chance to win exclusive prizes as well. The developer of this game offers thousands of exclusive rewards from Japan. To get those rewards, you should play the online claw machine game and drop the prizes through the output holes.

Cute Prizes from The Exclusive Online Claw Machine in Singapore

The exclusive online claw machine game allows you to choose extraordinary prizes before the game starts. Many of those prizes are inspired by Japanese anime series. Below are some prizes you can get only by playing the online claw machine game.

  • Sumikkogurashi storage box

Sumikkogurashi are cute Japanese characters that love to stay in the corner of the room. They don’t like to be in the center of the room since the corner is more comfortable for them. The online claw machine win real prizes allows you to get a storage box with Sumikkogurashi characters on it.

Two storage boxes are available and both of them have blue and white colors. The first one has Shirokuma, Furoshiki, Tokage, and Nisetsumuri on it. The second one has Neko, Zassou, Tonkatsu, and Ebifurai no Shippo on the surface. They look very cute.

  • My Hero Academia figurine

Izuku Midoriya is the main character of My Hero Academia manga and anime series. He is also known as Deku which means useless person. Deku wants to be a hero even though he has no specific superpower. Play the online claw machine win real prizes and win a Deku figurine.

This Deku figurine from the online claw machine game is a limited-edition prize. Its original price is about USD40. With only USD1, you can play the online claw machine game and win this Deku figurine. If you still have a premium ticket, use it to play and win this Deku figurine for free.

  • Rem figurine

Rem is a cute female character from the Re: Zero anime series. Clawtopia allows you to win a Rem figurine that looks like the original character. Rem has a sister and they both have an identical look. make sure that you get both Rem and Ram figurines to complete your collections.






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