How to Successfully Conduct Japan Market Research

The Japan market research continues to develop since many people are getting interested in the business market in this country. So far, there is still a big problem that affects the quality of the research which is the culture. Japanese culture makes researches difficult to get to know the targeted customers.

5 Tips to Conduct Japan Market Research

If you want to be successful in doing market research in Japan, here several tips that can beneficial for you to follow. 

  • Good Access to Online Resources

It is easier to conduct online research in Japan. It is because the majority of the citizens use the internet. The use of the internet is higher in Japanese urban areas. However, you don’t find any difficulty dealing with internet accessibility if you visit rural areas in Japan. 

  • Avoid Research in Main Holidays

Japan has more holidays than other countries. The holiday time in this country can be over a week since people commonly employ paid vacation too. Never do any research during Golden Week because the majority of Japanese will use this time for traveling. 

The same way happens during New Year as people will enjoy the celebration at a town or visiting their family and relatives. Before conducting research, you had better know the list of holidays in Japan so that you can reaching out to the respondents there easily. 

  • Use Mobile-Friendly Research

When delivering an online survey to know about market size in Japan, make sure that the questionnaire can be easily accessed through mobile devices.  It is because people in this country prefer to use the internet with mobile devices than a PC. This is especially happening among teens and young adults. 

  • Go with Polite Language

Japanese includes honorific level on its language with makes it becomes more complex than other languages. Even this polite language is still divided into several types. Keigo is an honorific language that is even hard for Japanese but it is commonly used in the survey. 

Hence, both translators of the survey and the moderators have to understand Japanese polite language or Keigo so that they can guide the respondents or moderate a research group. You need to keep in mind that politeness is more essential than being friendly when you conducting research in Japan. 

  • Create Short Questions

Since the Japanese already spend long hours working. They will not interested when being given long questions to answer. Hence, you need to make a question as short and as clear as possible. Thus, the Japanese can answer it easily in a short period of time.

If you make the questions with your original language, never translate them to Japanese per word because it will make the question becomes longer and complex. You had better ask help from the Japanese translator so that you can produce succinct and effective questions. 

Since there are a few specific problems in conducting Japan market research, you need to follow some tips to help you conduct the research successfully. It’s all about choosing the right time and using effective media to conducting the research so that Japanese respondents can truly into your research. 







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